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الأحد، 27 مارس، 2016

رسالة شكر

رسالة تحية وتقدير من مكتب توجيه التربية الفنية
بمديرية التربية والتعليم بمحافظة شمال سيناء
إلى إدارة مدرسة حمدى عواد الإبتدائية
وإلى الأستاذة هيام سليمان 
والتلميذ راغب حسن

للمشاركة فى معرض دار الأوبرا
بموضوع تصميم طابع بريد مصرى
وكذلك تكريم من مدرسة حمدى عواد الإبتدائية
إلى التلاميذ :
 سامى أحمد حمدى
و محمد حسن محمد 

الاثنين، 21 مارس، 2016

My artworks

Human soul

 And God's mercy and blessings
Praise be to God that His grace is
 Righteousness and peace and blessings of God,
 Park on the first teacher of humanity
The way to the Pacific
Mohamed A
 The Messenger of Allah and after:
TOPICAL is the human soul that between the ribs of each of us
It is the devil and all of them fancy Mhlkat or Mngjiat Everyone
And no person on earth is infallible or
 Slippage or oblivion only God Okhals
The poet says:
Sun psychology and carry them on Maizinha you are not self-body man
As described by scientists
 Self-psychological conditions if they pass the event are three relay
And then rise to a sense of conscience and result in a negative tendency of conscience
 Or positive and multiply the example of a person going through beautiful by trees and flower garden and contemplates the flowers and colors (phase sense) and approaching them and jade smart smell (conscience stage) has in it two options: either to pluck those beautiful flower or preserves and Isageha and cleans the surrounding dust and this is the tendency Positives Owalmy so select embarked true that our first view which is passing the road while the second and the persistent glances it on us because the persistent glances Sacred inherited mental illness and mention some of Imam words Shafie when he wanted to preserve the book and could not be able to Queen save it fast because of the bad look:
He complained to the poor and Kia Hifzi Vorushdny to leave the sins
Li said I know that science is light and Allah does not guide the Assi
One of the best systems that kept the self is a global Islamic regime as it grows them and Ahzbha
And ensures that the rest of the body strength and charisma In so many grades according to the obligation of each Muslim person in its essence and its relationship with the Lord and the community in which to live with him and has mental and queens, which we hear about Kalhfez and imagination, creativity and memory are all on their source iceberg of Rahman example ... make Sahabi remembers every word Farsi and all sentence and a full hour with the Persian army and then goes to the compiler knows the Persian translates his every word is accurate save it and knows the Muslims then the Persians plans - self are requesting luxury and comfort Volhmha Gore and piety and luxury in religion was not an essential, but form only and may see a human being its beautiful shape and features and tools and home as well, but he must give all the rights to those who count for the poor and for the poor and those who need to issue never know it given all the rights? So the issue is not only a form
 Shara and select true in the food and drink between one-third and the wives and children of justice and inheritance, including the law of God and prayer their time and their number is different from the resident to the passengers to the warrior and fasting as well as in terms of health estimated ........
All this attention to severe self-human warrior within him even during the war itself
Finally ... I pray to God you and me that God bless us with His love and love of loves and makes us who hear say and follow the best and forgive us and have mercy on us and prepares us from our rational
Peace, mercy and blessings of God